Academic Detailing

Best Practices Come to You

An expert visit to your facility make all the difference. It is hard for a clinician or medical team to stay up to date on evolving guidelines across multiple disease states. With an visit from one of our roster of experts, hands-on solutions come to you. While web-based presentations are the core of ECHO, there is no substitute for a visit by a clinician who has extensive experience to walk through your policy and practice with you and your team and answer general questions and those that might be unique to your setting. The experts who make these visits are specialists, physicians, advance practice nurses, pharmacists, or nurses who have extensive experience solving the same clinical challenges your facility and medical team are facing. There is generally no expense to the facility for these visits, and they are not supported by any pharmaceutical industry funding.

This model is called academic detailing, and is part of a larger strategy to help facilities adapt to new guidelines and best practices, especially in Indian Country, where few specialists are present. A visit can have many formats, but generally include time with an expert one-on-one and in small groups to address specific needs. If desired, a presentation can be made to the entire medical staff or other format depending on what you, as the host, think will be most feasible and effective.

The goal is to support clinician decision making and care delivery, as well as promote evidence-based treatment and monitoring. The visit may include use of audit and feedback tools (such as iCare or other software depending on the electronic health record platform in use) to help the clinician identify how many patients may need linkage to care or treatment change may be warranted. These visits have an advantage over didactic lectures because it provides customized content and barrier resolution strategies to meet clinicians’ individual needs and local constraints.

Made to Order

While an Academic Detailing visit has a usual Terms of Reference, be sure to discuss with us exactly what you and your clinical colleagues would like from a visit. This step allows the technical expert to prepare exactly what is needed prior to arrival to ensure that everyone gets what they need and expect from the visit. These academic details are meant to go beyond the traditional scope of focusing only on prescribing practices of targeted medications. Experts who visit under this program are also intended to have some availability to continue to answer questions and work through any ongoing technical glitches, as one visit cannot be expected to answer all needs in a single day.

Examples of Academic Detail activities

  • presentation for medstaff on latest clinical guidelines or literature on a specific disease state
  • drafting, update, or review of current policy & practice
  • creation of patient panel for streamlined case management
  • clinical review of existing patients to determine what medical interventions may be indicated
  • sharing of lessons learned from Indian Country on any aspect of care: clinical, drug procurement, linkage to care strategies, monitoring adherence and outcomes, navigating costs of drugs or labs, use of clinical reminders or other electronic clinical decision support features

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