CHAP Collaborative Presentations

Below is a list of past CHAP ECHO Learning Collaborative presentations. To view presentation slides, presenter bios, and additional resources, click view more.

Behavioral Health Aide (BHA) Curriculum Updates & Student Recruitment | April 13, 2021

In this presentation, Dr. Danica Love Brown and Katie Hunsberger will discuss the Behavioral Health Aide Education Program that is being stood up at Northwest Indian College and Heritage University Fall 2021. 

Presenters: Dr. Danica Love Brown and Katie Hunsberger

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CHAP Legislation | February 9, 2021

In this presentation, Christina Peters briefly covers the legislative process -how a bill becomes a law, why we need dental therapy legislation, when legislation is not necessary, and the legislative work in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho related to dental health aide therapy authorization.

Presenter: Christina Peters

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Portland Area CHAP Certification Board Update | December 8, 2020

In this presentation, Sue Steward, Community Health Aide Project Director at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, provides updates on the development of the Portland Area CHAP Certification Board. Sue provides a number of valuable lessons learned, challenges, and successes in the process of developing an area certification board.

Presenter: Sue Steward, Cow Creek

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