Online ECHO Clinic | April 22, 2020

Presentation Title: Re-Membering Native Plant Medicines | COVID-19 Updates

Dr. Itai Jeffries, an Investigator and Consultant for the Northwest Portland Area Indian Healthboard, speaks on the topic of using traditional medicines during the time of COVID-19. Then, Dr. Jorge Mera, Director of Infectious Diseases for Cherokee Nation Health Service, shares some of the latest studies on COVID-19.

Presenter Bios

Jorge Mera, MD, FACP, is the Director of Infectious Diseases for Cherokee Nation Health Service, the largest tribally operated health care system in the United States. He oversees surveillance, policies, and programs to treat and prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and HCV.

Itai Jeffries, PhD, is a Yèsah Two Spirit educator, qualitative researcher, and equity consultant. They are the Founder & Principal of ITAI Consulting, and a partner of biwa|Emergent Equity, Inc. based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They served on the OBSN Tribal Health Circle. Itai graduated with a BA in Sociology from Guilford College becoming the first in their family to earn a college degree. They went on to earn a MA and PhD in Sociology from Georgia State University. While undergoing their graduate studies, they focused on race and gender, social movements, and culturally appropriate pedagogy. In their Master’s and Doctoral research, Itai explored the complexities of modern Indigenous identities in the matrix of intersectional experiences spanning Turtle Island and in the context of ongoing racial and gender oppression.

Presentation Slides

Re-membering Native Plant Medicines

COVID-19 Updates

Resources Provided

COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines (NIH)

Physicians and Healers: A Traditional Perspective on COVID-19 ( Article)

Immune & Respiratory Herbs – A Resource for Tribal Communities During COVID-19 (UIHI, GRUB, Feed Seven Generations)

Herbal Support Video (UIHI)

Integrative Approaches to COVID-19 (University of Arizona)

Study Raises Questions about False Negatives from Quick COVID-19 test (NPR)