Online ECHO Clinic | April 29, 2020

Presentation Title: COVID-19 Updates

In this series of presentation, Dr. Jorge Mera, shares some of the latest updates, articles and studies on COVID-19. Then, Dr. Tom Weiser shares a brief epi report.


Presenter Bios

Jorge Mera, MD, FACP, is the Director of Infectious Diseases for Cherokee Nation Health Service, the largest tribally operated health care system in the United States. He oversees surveillance, policies, and programs to treat and prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and HCV.

Thomas Weiser, MD, MPH, has been with Portland Area Indian Health Services since 1998, initially serving as an Indian Health Services Medical Officer in Whiteriver, Arizona from 1998-2005. He completed the CDC Epidemiology Intelligence Service from 2005-2007, assigned to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. In 2007, he began his new position assigned to the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center. Dr. Weiser is passionate about improving the quality of healthcare services, data access and data quality for American Indian and Alaska Native populations; human subjects protection; infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance.

Presentation Slides

COVID-19 Updates

Resources Provided

COVID-19 Serology Surveillance Strategy (CDC)

Management of Employee Health Travel (CNHS)

Community Health Tools (NIHB)

Linkage from IHS to the National Death Index (Article)