Online ECHO Clinic | October 12, 2020

Presentation Titles: Cardiovascular, Neuro, and other Long-lasting Complications from COVID-19 | Public Health Policy and Practice Updates

In this series of presentations, Dr. Thomas Becker provides a summary and article review of cardiovascular, neuro, and other long lasting effects from COVID-19. Then, Brigg Reilley, MPH, provides an overview of recent COVID-19 research, updated COVID-19 numbers, and rates in Indian Country as well as a number of valuable COVID-19 related resources produced by the FDA and CDC.


Presenter Bios

Thomas Becker, MD, PhD, is a medical epidemiologist, and trained in internal medicine, anthropology, and public health; he began his career at the University of New Mexico before moving to the Northwest about 20 years ago. Since his arrival in Portland, Becker has worked with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and Oregon Health & Science University. He has published on a diverse range of American Indian health issues, including both infectious and chronic diseases. And with the Indian Health Board, he has been involved in etiologic studies, community prevention programs and education programs to improve career opportunities for people in tribes nationwide.

Brigg Reilley, MPH, is an Epidemiologist and Contractor for the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. Mr Reilley provides support for the US Indian Health Service national HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) program. He has been working in American Indian/Alaska Native health since 2006. Prior to Indian Health Service, he worked for MSF for ten years in several emergency and non-emergency project settings, and served on the MSF Board of Directors from 2008-2011. He obtained a Masters in Public Health from Tulane University in 1996 and a BA in Philosophy from the College of William & Mary in 1990.

Presentation Slides

Long-term Outcomes in Covid-19 patients

Public Health Practice and Policy Updates

Resources Provided