Katie Hunsberger

Program Manager

“Tribal communities deserve health care that highlights their specific needs and health leaders that know how to serve their people.”

Katie Hunsberger started working at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board in the Fall of 2020. As the BHA Student Support Coordinator, she connects with current and future Behavioral Health Aides and walks alongside them in their educational journey. As a student herself, Katie loves creating relationships with those she supports by working with them to encourage self-care, providing emotional support, and being a good relative. Katie works to recruit, build material, and assist the Tribal Community Health Provider Project in various ways. Her largest project is supporting the BHA Education Program. 

CHAP ECHO Learning Collaborative

Katie is the Program Manager with the CHAP ECHO Learning Collaborative, which is designed to bridge the gap between traditional practices and modern standards of care through bringing together several types of practitioners, including dental health aide therapists, behavioral health aides and practitioners, and community health aides and practitioners.

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