Birdie Wermy

Birdie Wermy

Faculty, Program Director

“I am inspired by our future generations! I enjoy being a part of something that is bigger than we can imagine and being a part of a team that is laying the ground work for the future.”

Birdie Wermy, MPH, (Southern Cheyenne) is the Behavioral Health Project Manager at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, where she has worked for over 14 years. Birdie has been a part of several successful projects over the years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She’s also an instructor at Mount Hood Community College, where she teaches on alcohol and substance abuse. In her free time, Birdie enjoys being outdoors, running or hiking with her children, bead working, and spending time with her family.

Behavioral Health ECHO Programs

Birdie Wermy is the Program Manager and faculty for the Behavioral Health ECHO Program, which is designed to support I/T/U providers in integrating behavioral health best practices into their care.

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