Dr. Bruce Finke

Dr. Bruce Finke


“I am inspired by the strength, wisdom, grace, and life experience of the Elders in my own family and those in the Tribes and communities that I have worked with over many years in Indian Health. I have both a personal and professional commitment to improving care for those living with dementia and for their families and caregivers.”

Dr. Bruce Finke, MD, is a family physician and geriatrician that has worked at the IHS since 1991. Bruce has served as the IHS policy and program lead in Elder care and has provided support to Tribal, IHS, and urban programs in the development of improved clinical and preventive care for the Elderly and in the development of long-term services and supports. From 2006-2011, he was part of the team that developed the IHS primary care transformation initiative called “Improving Patient Care.” Since 2011, Bruce has served as Senior Advisor in the Learning and Diffusion Group at the CMS Innovation Center, supporting the development of new payment and care models as large, multi-system improvement initiatives.  He served the IHS Nashville Area as acting Chief Medical Officer for several periods since 2003 and as Acting Director of the Nashville Area from January 2018 to January 2019.  Bruce is now a Senior Advisor for Innovation and Improvement in the newly established IHS Office of Quality. 

Dementia ECHO Program

Bruce is faculty for the Dementia ECHO Program, which is designed to support I/T/U clinicians and caregivers to strengthen the knowledge and care around dementia for Tribal patients.

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