Dr. Carly Floyd

Dr. Carly Floyd


“I love empowering patients to take control of their health and encouraging coworkers to make a positive difference in healthcare!”

Carly Floyd is a Clinical Pharmacist at Southwest CARE Center (SCC) and the Clinical Director at the University of New Mexico AIDS Education & Training Center (UNM-AETC). She graduated from the University of New Mexico, College of Pharmacy and then completed her PGY1 residency in El Paso, TX at the UTEP/UT Austin Community Pharmacy Residency Program, with a focus in HIV primary care. Carly has been a clinical pharmacist with SCC since 2015. She was awarded the New Mexico Pharmacist Association Distinguished Pharmacist of the Year award in 2018. At the end of 2019, she accepted an additional role as the UNM-AETC Clinical Director to continue educating New Mexico and El Paso communities on HIV treatment and prevention. 

HIV ECHO Program

Carly is faculty for the HIV ECHO Program, which is designed to help providers increase their knowledge and skills to effectively treat and prevent HIV in primary care settings.

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