Dr. Frances Grimstad

Dr. Frances Grimstad


“Gender diversity has always existed in Indigenous communities and it’s a privilege to continue to learn and grow from my peers and to aid in deconstructing and repurposing the colonial systems of health care... It feels valuable to cut through those barriers and provide information directly to persons who will be able to use it in the most meaningful way possible.”

Frances Grimstad (she/her), MD, is a Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist at Boston Children’s Hospital where she is the founder of the Transgender Reproductive Health Service and also the gynecologist in the Center for Gender Surgery and the Be-U clinic (the program for patients with intersex traits, or differences in sexual development). Frances’ interests center around optimizing reproductive health outcomes, including hormonal and menstrual management, sexual health, surgical care and family planning. Frances believes in using research and advocacy to dismantle clinical bias and bring more evidence-based care to gender- and sex-diverse patients and that reproductive health and the decisions that surround it are deeply personal and as unique as each individual. She prioritizes individualized reproductive, sexual and fertility goals for her transgender, gender diverse, and intersex patients.

Trans & Gender-Affirming Care ECHO Program

Frances is faculty with the Trans and Gender-Affirming Care ECHO Program, which is designed to coach providers in giving appropriate, high-quality care to gender-diverse patients.

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