Dr. Jessica Gregg

Dr. Jessica Gregg

Lead Faculty

“Working with Indigenous people, I am taught again and again about the beautiful importance of community and whole person care. I try to bring those lessons to my work outside of the ECHO as well, which has made a better doctor all around.”

Jessica Gregg, MD, PhD, received her undergraduate degree at Stanford University, her medical degree at the University of New Mexico, and a PhD in Medical Anthropology at Emory University. She began her medical career in primary care at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), where she co-founded the OHSU Department of Medicine’s Social Medicine curriculum in partnership with City Central Concern, a non-profit caring for individuals struggling with lack of housing and substance use disorders. She subsequently became the medical director for Central City Concern’s Hooper Detoxification and Stabilization Center, and eventually assumed the role of Senior Medical Director for Substance Use Disorder Services for the agency. She subsequently developed the HRBR clinic at OHSU, a low-threshold buprenorphine clinic, and in 2021, she became Chief Medical Officer for De Paul Treatment Centers in Portland, Oregon.

Affiliated ECHO Programs

Jessica is lead faculty for the Substance Use Disorder ECHO Program and faculty for the Hepatitis C and Advancing Pharmacist Roles in Substance Use Disorders ECHO Programs.

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