Dr. Travis Townsend

Dr. Travis Townsend


“I enjoy helping people, I feel drawn to helping educate people about what may be going on with them and working with them on identifying a plan of action that may help them to feel and function better.”

Travis Townsend M.D. (Acoma/Cherokee) is a Psychiatrist who works as a tele-behavioral health provider for the Bemidji Area Office of the Indian Health Service and serves as Volunteer Faculty within the University of New Mexico (UNM) School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. Travis completed his academic training at UNM, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology, followed by his medical doctorate, and then residency in psychiatry. Travis has over 8 years of experience providing psychiatric care to patients via telehealth at the Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna (ACL) service unit and has spent 5+ years working at the Albuquerque Indian Health Center providing psychiatric care to diverse Tribal populations.

Pharmacy SUD ECHO Program

Travis is faculty with the Advancing Pharmacist Roles in Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Teams ECHO Program, which is designed to equip pharmacists, pharmacy staff, and other healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to effectively assume a critical role in SUD prevention, education, and assistance.

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