Tanya Firemoon

Tanya Firemoon


“My role with the CHAP ECHO Learning Collaborative is to bring traditional values guided by our Indigenous ways to help tribal communities receive culturally appropriate and high-quality health care. We create a space for conversation about how we can build a wraparound system to get our dental health aides, behavioral health aides, and community health aides educated and providing services that honor our community’s traditions and providers lived-experiences.”

Tanya Firemoon joined the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board in 2008 and has worked with the Native Dental Therapy Initiative and Community Health Aide Program since 2016. Tanya is currently serving as the Tribal Community Health Provider Project Specialist. She previously worked with the National Indian Child Welfare Association in community development. Tanya has been involved in the American Indian and Alaska Native non-profit health arena focused on child welfare, children’s mental health, research, and public health for 20 years and supports capacity building and workforce development with a specific scope of practice for local communities. Her strengths are in advocacy work, streamlining culturally appropriate community-based events, and relationship building.

CHAP ECHO Learning Collaborative 

Tanya is faculty with the CHAP ECHO Learning Collaborative, which is designed to bridge the gap between traditional practices and modern standards of care through bringing together several types of practitioners, including dental health aide therapists, behavioral health aides and practitioners, and community health aides and practitioners.

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