Harm Reduction Clinic Presentations

Below is a list of past Harm Reduction ECHO Clinic presentations. To view presentation slides, presenter bios, and additional resources, click view more.

Harm Reduction at Lummi Tribal Health Center | September 1, 2020

In this presentation, Jessica Rienstra, BSN, RN, Valerie Tyler, BS, and Stephanie Rey, BS, share the story of the Lummi Tribal Health Center’s Harm Reduction Program – from it’s origins to how it’s adapted and thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, the program continues to earn greatly deserved gratitude from the community it serves.

Presenters: Jessica Rienstra, Valerie Tyler, Stephanie Rey

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Supporting Peers and Staff in Harm Reduction Programs | August 4, 2020

This presentation is the second of two discussions on peer-centered harm reduction practices. Harm reduction peers integrate their personal lived experiences into the harm reduction and early recovery support services they provide to their community. Good supervision supports harm reduction peers to meet administrative related responsibilities, set and meet continuing professional education and skills goals, reflect upon their experiences, and engage in self-care. The purpose of this presentation is to share and discuss harm reduction peer supervision from the perspective of a supervisor and recovery peer support specialists.

Presenters: Blue Valentine, Dr. Danica Love Brown, Francisca “Sissy” Rialtos, Jessica Rienstra

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Harm Reduction Peers: Centering Programs in Lived Experience | July 7, 2020

This presentation is the first of two discussions on peer-centered harm reduction practices. In this session, moderator Jude Leahy, provides a content discussion on harm reduction peers and has a panel discussion with several peers who are working in the field.

Presenters: Blue Valentine, Francisca “Sissy” Rialtos, Sabrina Garcia, Joanna Cooper

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Trauma Informed Care and Trauma Stewardship-Metabolizing your trauma and providing services | June 2, 2020

In this video, Dr. Danica Love Brown, Behavioral Health Manager at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, discusses the multiple intersections of life experiences that impact trauma, the current pandemic and our collective trauma reaction, with some thoughts on how to develop a Trauma Informed Care response.

Presenters: Dr. Danica Love Brown

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Harm Reduction in Tribal Communities | May 5, 2020

American Indian and Alaska Native people experience adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma at higher rates than the general population. This has serious implications for health throughout the lifespan. In this presentation, Dr. Danica Love Brown, Behavioral Health Manager at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, discusses adverse childhood experiences, the impacts of trauma, and historical trauma. Blue Valentine, Harm Reduction Peer Specialist at the End HIV Oregon Project discusses what harm reduction is, as well as the origins of harm reduction. Francisca “Sissy” Rialtos, then, shares information about the Siletz Harm Reduction Program and lessons learned as a Certified Recovery Mentor and Harm Reduction Outreach Specialist.

Presenters: Dr. Danica Love Brown, Blue Valentine, and Francisca “Sissy” Rialtos.

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