Indian Country ECHO Positions 

Our dedicated staff give life to Indian Country ECHO’s mission to empower clinicians, administrators, and staff serving American Indian and Alaska Native people to provide specialized care to more people, right where they live. Below are descriptions of some of the roles within Indian Country ECHO. If you’d like to connect with us or learn more about joining the Indian Country ECHO team, contact us at

Lead Faculty
During ECHO sessions, lead faculty summarize case presentations, provide clinical recommendations for case presenters, share didactic presentations, offer insights through teachable moments, and facilitate discussion to encourage networking, community building, and knowledge sharing. Lead faculty also support our free TA and Capacity Building Service >

During ECHO sessions, faculty offer insights and facilitate discussion between presenters, audience members, and lead faculty. Like, our lead faculty, Indian Country ECHO faculty also present didactics and support participants in building their skills and confidence to successfully treat complex medical conditions. 

Program Manager/Director
Program Managers/Directors do all of the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks to ensure that ECHO programs take flight. These individuals work directly with didactic and case presenters to guarantee that they are prepared to present during ECHO sessions. They also facilitate connections between participants and Indian Country ECHO faculty, run the technical aspects of ECHO sessions, and support faculty and participants in building collaborative learning environments.

Faculty Emeritus
Faculty Emeritus are former Indian Country ECHO faculty who have made significant contributions to our programs. Faculty Emeritus frequently continue to contribute to Indian Country ECHO through sharing their expertise during virtual clinics and trainings.