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Buprenorphine Transitions | January 18, 2022

Date of Presentation: January 18, 2022

In this presentation, Dr. James Gasper, psychiatric pharmacist at the University of California, San Francisco, discusses buprenorphine transitions, including low dose inductions.



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Dr. James Gasper, PharmD, BCPP

Dr. James Gasper, PharmD, BCPP, completed his Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center followed by a post-graduate residency at the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center and also in psychiatric pharmacy at the University of California San Francisco. James spent the first 10 years of his career with the San Francisco Department of Public Health in both specialty mental health and substance use disorder treatment settings. He helped establish buprenorphine in primary care and pharmacy-based methadone maintenance for the city’s indigent population.

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Date added: January 18, 2022

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