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Complex Persistent Dependence, Withdrawal and Opioid Use Disorder | November 7, 2019

Date of Presentation: November 7, 2019

Type: Past Presentation  

Audience: Clinical  

Program: Substance Use Disorder ECHO Program  

Keywords: #addiction  #opioid use disorder  #OUD  #withdrawal  #withdrawal symptoms  

Dr. Jane Ballantyne, an Anesthesiologist at the University of Washington Medical Center, speaks about effective management of patients with persistent opioid dependence and addiction. Dr. Ballantyne shares challenges in and strategies for overcoming opioid dependence and managing withdrawal symptoms.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Jane Ballantyne

Jane Ballantyne, MD, FRCA, is a board certified anesthesiologist at University of Washington Medical Center and a UW Professor (retired) of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and the Director of the UW Pain Fellowship. Dr. Ballantyne earned her MD from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London.

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Date added: November 7, 2019

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