Past Presentation

Fentanyl’s Rising Presence in Oregon | January 6, 2022

Date of Presentation: January 6, 2022

Type: Past Presentation  

Audience: Clinical  

Program: Substance Use Disorder ECHO Program  

Keywords: #fentanyl  #lived experience  #oregon  #SUD  

In this presentation, guests from Overdose Data to Action: Oregon HOPE discuss the rising prevalence of fentanyl in substances used, share insight from interviews with persons who are currently exposed to risks of fentanyl, and highlight how we may better protect those who are exposed to fentanyl.


Presenter Bio:

Soomin Shin & Erin Stack

 Soomin Shin, MA, Research Associate I and Erin Stack, MS, Research Manager are program staff at Coimagine Health

Date added: January 6, 2022

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