Past Presentation

Management of Pelvic Ring Disruption and Hip Fracture | November 10, 2021

Date of Presentation: November 10, 2021

Type: Past Presentation  

Audience: Clinical  

Program: Trauma Care ECHO Program  

Keywords: #emergency  #fracture  #hip  #pelvic  #trauma  

In this presentation, Dr. Richard Miskimins discusses the types of pelvic fractures and their implications to management, identifies the key imaging findings of open book pelvic fractures, and describes the initial hemodynamic management of pelvic fractures, when hip fractures should be considered a true emergency, and techniques for bedside reduction of pelvic and hip fractures.


Presenter Bio:

Dr. Richard Miskimins, MD, FACS

Dr. Richard Miskimins, MD, FACS is the Associate Trauma Medical Director and Physician Advisor for Billing and Coding at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Hospital. Dr. Miskimins also serves as an Assistant Professor at the UNM School of Medicine.

Date added: November 10, 2021

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