Trans & Gender-Affirming Care Clinic Presentations

Below is a list of past Trans & Gender-Affirming Care ECHO Clinic presentations. To view presentation slides, presenter bios, and additional resources, click view more.

How Should a Clinician Approach Hormone Therapy for a Non-Binary Patient? | April 26, 2021

In this short presentation, Dr. Jamie Conniff covers the basics of hormone therapy for adults who identify as non-binary, genderqueer, gender-fluid, or another gender identity which does not easily match to a male-female binary.

Presenter: Dr. Jamie Conniff

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Gender-Affirming Primary Pediatric Care | April 12, 2021

Dr. Vinny Chulani, Medical Director of Phoenix Children’s Adolescent Medicine Program, covers the basics of primary care for gender-diverse youth, including recommendations for sexual and social health screenings, approaches to primary care, and important aspects of the clinician’s mindset and affirmation when working with gender-expansive youth.

Presenter: Dr. Vinny Chulani

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Decolonizing Gender in Clinical Spaces | March 22, 2021

This short presentation offers questions and prompts for providers to consider in their approach to identity and gender within clinical spaces for both themselves and patients.

Presenter: Rafael/a Luna-Pizano

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Walking the Tightrope: Consent Working with Gender-Diverse Youth | March 8, 2021

Jess Guerriero, social worker with OHSU’s Transgender Youth Program, shares knowledge to help providers navigate parental consent when providing gender-affirming care to youth, and discusses when it is appropriate to consider emancipation.

Presenter: Jess Guerriero

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Testosterone: Types and Delivery Methods | February 22, 2021

J. Aleah Nesteby, Director of LGBTQ Services at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, offers information about the different types of testosterone, their pros and cons, and describes appropriate follow-up when prescribing testosterone.

Presenter: J. Aleah Nesteby

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How Can a Clinician Support the Family of Gender-Diverse Youth Pre-Puberty? | February 8, 2021

Dr. Coleen Williams, Attending Psychologist at the Gender MultiSpecialty Service (GeMS), provides strategies for clinicians when working with the caregivers of gender-diverse youth.

Presenter: Dr. Coleen Williams

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How Do Estrogen and Anti-Androgens Work Together? | January 25, 2021

In this brief presentation, Dr. Jerrica Kirkley, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Plume, an app to help trans folks get medical care, offers guidance on dosing, lab work, and other considerations for clinicians consulting with patients who may be interested in, or prescribing, gender-affirming estrogen and anti-androgens.

Presenter: Dr. Jerrica Kirkley

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Consent Practices in Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy | November 23, 2020

Gaines Blasdel, a community organizer and gender affirming care researcher presents two models for approaching consent in hormone therapy. He describes healthcare the roles that can assess a patient’s ability to give consent for gender affirming care.

Presenter: Gaines Blasdel

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What is the Role for Puberty Blockers in Gender-Affirming Care for Youth? | November 9, 2020

Dr. Reeti Chawla, an endocrinologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, discusses puberty blockers. Information shared includes guidance on when and for whom they’re recommended, different medication options, potential side effects, and patient monitoring.

Presenter: Dr. Reeti Chawla

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Gender-Affirming Care in 2020? What is it? Why Does it Matter? | October 26, 2020

Itai Jeffries and Morgan Thomas, from the 2SLGBTQ+ program at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, present a revised definition of gender-affirming care based on the results of the 2020 Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ Pride and Connectedness Survey.

Presenter: Itai Jeffries, Morgan Thomas

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Trauma-Informed Care for Transgender/Non-Binary Patients | August 26, 2020

Aster Wolfe, a registered nurse based in Portland, Oregon, presents on the principles and practice of trauma informed care, the trauma exposure of trans and non-binary patients, and the stress response that trauma can cause. Mr. Wolfe also shares how providers can speak about the human body without gender bias.

Presenter: Aster Wolfe

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Legal and Social Support for Transitioning Patients | August 12, 2020

Cecelia “Cec” Hardacker, Director of Education at Howard Brown Health Center, provides information, recommendations and tools for healthcare providers to offer support to patients who wish to have gender-affirming surgery.

Presenter: Cecelia Hardacker

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Reproductive Healthcare for Trans, Nonbinary, and Two Spirit Patients | July 8, 2020

Dr. Frances Grimstad, Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Chance Krempansky, Family Nurse Practitioner at Callen Lorde Community Health Center, share their knowledge on gynecology with persons taking testosterone, contraceptive counseling for queer couples, and PrEP (the taking of a prescription drug as a means of preventing HIV infection in an HIV-negative person).

Presenters: Dr. Frances Grimstad, Chance Krempansky

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Primary Care Considerations in Transgender Health | June 24, 2020

Dr. Maddie Deutsch, Medical Director of UCSF Transgender Care, shares important information regarding a wide spectrum of topics, including health disparities for transgender individuals, gender-affirming interventions, and primary prevention and screening for this population. 

Presenters: Dr. Maddie Deutsch

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Mental Health for Trans & Non-Binary Patients | June 10, 2020

Dandy Johns, a Care Coordinator at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, provides an overview of mental health care considerations for trans & non-binary patients.

Presenters: Dandy Johns

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Gender Identity Development Over the Lifespan | May 27, 2020

Jess Guerriero, a social worker at OHSU’s Transgender Health Program, speaks about gender as a social construct and the emotional and physiological experience of gender expression and identity throughout childhood, puberty, adolescence, adulthood, and seniority.

Presenters: Jess Guerriero

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Gender-Affirming Hormones for Adults and Adolescents | May 13, 2020

Dr. Robert Goldstein, Medical Director of the Transgender Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, explains the importance of obtaining consent before beginning hormone therapy and the variable timeline of physical change once hormone therapy has begun. Dr. Goldstein also provides a brief overview of the hormone regimens most commonly used for both transmen and transwomen and the associated risks of hormone therapy for all individuals.

Presenters: Dr. Robert Goldstein

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Creating Safe and Friendly Clinical Environments for Transgender and Non-Binary Patients | April 22, 2020

Jean Baptiste, a person who identifies as transmasculine, provides an overview of the basics of gender identity and terminology, and the importance of showing respect through using appropriate language. They share their insight on what steps clinicians can take to make their spaces safe for non-binary people.

Presenters: Jean Baptiste

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Introduction to Gender Identity and Expression | April 8, 2020

In this presentation, Jessica Halem, LGBTQ Outreach and Engagement Director at Harvard Medical School, shares basic terminology and concepts regarding gender identity and sexual orientation. Ms. Halem also offers suggestions for breaking down barriers to care for Two Spirit-LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people.

Presenters: Jessica Halem

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Decolonizing Gender Identity & Sexuality | March 25, 2020

In this presentation, Joseph M. Pierce, an Associate Professor at Stonybrook University whose research specializes on gender and sexuality in Latin American and Indigenous cultures, discusses the complex and sometimes problematic ways we talk about gender and sexuality, what “decolonizing” means, and the importance of allowing Indigenous people to speak to their own experiences.

Presenters: Joseph M. Pierce

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Introduction to Gender-Affirming Care in Indian Country | March 11, 2020

Dr. Shaquita Bell, a pediatrician and the Medical Director at The Center for Diversity and Health Equity at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, discusses the importance of trauma informed care and the complex nature of identity. She provides strategies for both creating an inclusive and comforting space for gender diversity and speaking about gender diversity respectfully.

Presenter: Dr. Shaquita Bell

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