COVID-19 ECHO Programs

1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ 12-1pm PT  (NPAIHB-led) 
Every Other Friday Starting 1/15/21 @ 11am-12pm CT (USET-led)

These COVID-19 ECHO Programs are designed to connect I/T/U clinicians, administrators, and staff with up-to-date information on clinical care and emerging health topics. ECHO sessions are open to those interested in staying current on the rapidly evolving pandemic to inform their COVID-19 response efforts. See ECHO session registration information for each program below. View past ECHO sessions > 

Physicians, advance practice providers, pharmacists, RNs, medical assistants, clinical administrators, and others are welcome. 

To Join
Unless otherwise indicated, simply click on the Zoom link 5 minutes before the session begins (or at any time during the session).

NPAIHB Sessions: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ 12-1pm PT Resuming July 7
Zoom link >
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USET Sessions: Every Other Friday @ 11am-12pm CT
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Program Faculty and Staff 
COVID-19 ECHO sessions are run by staff from the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, the University of New Mexico, and the United Southern and Eastern Tribes. COVID-19 ECHO faculty are experts in infectious disease, epidemiology, and internal medicine. 

NPAIHB faculty include: Jorge Mera, Whitney Essex, Tom Becker, Brigg Reilley, and Thomas Weiser.

USET faculty include: Jorge Mera, Harry Brown, Imani Ransby, and Christy Duke.

Continuing Education 
To obtain CE, participants must complete brief registration and evaluation forms following each ECHO session.

NPAIHB: View CE forms > 

USET: View CE forms >

Technical Assistance & Capacity Building
Indian Country ECHO offers free, confidential TA and capacity building to help IHS, tribal, and urban providers and administrators optimize clinic policies, enhance care delivery, and build capacity to prevent and treat complex medical conditions. Our COVID-19 faculty are equipped to support you in achieving your clinical goals. Learn more >

Program Contact
For additional information about the COVID-19 ECHO Programs, please reach out to the following program-specific contacts.