Replicating the ECHO Model

Starting a Movement Across Indian Country

When we share stories or sing with a strong heart, our voices can travel into the distance, sometimes reaching further than we ever imagined. Like our voices, ECHO programs have the potential to reverberate through our communities, impacting the care provided by our clinics and providers, ultimately effecting the people we love.

To expand ECHO programs’ reach and support Indigenous leadership for Indigenous health, Indian Country ECHO is committed to supporting Indigenous-led organizations in planning and implementing ECHOs of their own. 

Through accessing our TA and capacity building service, you can receive step-by-step guidance on planning your own ECHO program. Plus, our team will support every detail of your implementation at no cost. Through joining the Indian Country ECHO Collective, you will have access to a global network of other clinical and non-clinical ECHO providers.

To learn more, check out this short video:

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