How is Indian Country ECHO’s TA and Capacity Building Different?

Indian Country ECHO offers a free, confidential service designed to help IHS, tribal, and urban (I/T/U) providers and administrators optimize clinic policies, enhance care delivery, and build capacity to prevent and treat complex medical conditions.

Our services are provided by trained and vetted clinical experts, including physicians, advance practice nurses, pharmacists, nurses, or specialists, who have extensive experience solving challenges commonly faced by I/T/U facilities and medical teams.

Experts work with you one-on-one to meet your community’s unique needs. Meetings can be either virtual or in-person. Also, assistance can be ‘light touch,’ where your clinical expert offers a single service, for example, a tailored staff in-service. Alternatively, assistance can be more intensive, where you and your clinical expert work together for several sessions to, for example, draft new clinic policy.

What do we offer?

Indian Country ECHO’s clinical experts are trained and experienced in:

  • Reviewing and updating clinic policies and practices
  • Facilitating strategic planning around overcoming clinical challenges 
  • Presenting to staff on the latest guidelines and treatment best practices  
  • Reviewing existing patient cases and advising on appropriate medical interventions 
  • Sharing lessons learned on drug and PPE procurement, connection to care strategies, monitoring adherence and outcomes, getting the most out of your electronic clinical tools, and more

What is the cost?

There is no cost. Plus, we ensure that all clinical experts are not supported by any pharmaceutical industry funding, and that they are trained in implementing evidence-based and best practice solutions.

How can you participate?

Simply send us an email that includes a brief statement of your needs, along with your phone number. One of our staff will follow-up with you to schedule an introductory visit with one of our clinical experts, where you will discuss your specific needs. 

Where can I get more information about this service?

Email Indian Country ECHO at for additional information.